What do you call a company that activates the force of the quantum world?


Fact is, quantum computing is having an immense impact on our global economy - we are entering a new era of super technologies and quantum innovations and the opportunities that arise through the quantum revolution are inconceivable. Quantum computing will take current technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cryptography or cyber-security to whole new levels. While quantum computing still sounds like science fiction material, it is reality and it will open doors to quicker healing of patients, the significantly accelerated development of even faster and more accurate robots.

Amazing things await to revolutionise every area of our world as we know it today, creating incredible chances for everyone.

How can we all catch up with the 2nd quantum revolution?

Continuous, multi-disciplinary, courageous processes

We position ourselves as deep tech early adopter and we are well placed to bring together scientists, engineers, industry, corporate and social stakeholders. For you this means laying solid foundations of real quantum tech ecosystems with the implementation of tangible solutions along your entire value chain, which is sure to vault your business far into a metamorphic future.

Data Compliance is our Culture – not just a policy

Data governance, data compliance and digital ethics are at the core of our DNA

Businesses cannot afford to implement data-based business models without also introducing data governance, data compliance & digital ethics measures.

We at The Quantum Company understand this. Through our wide range of data governance solutions, we ensure that our clients’ management and processing of data are consistent, organised and secure. Data compliance, we know intrinsically, goes far beyond compliance with local data protection regulations to include all jurisdictions, in which your businesses operate and sell. There are close to unlimited ways to use technology. Through our digital ethics rules frameworks, we are capacitated to guide our clients through intelligent systems that also supports humankind and serve the greater good.

What are the topics currently on our radar?

Quantum Random Number Generator

Quantum Cryptography

Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Machine Learning

A Call to Join the Quantum Networks

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